About CasinoPop

The site and the team behind it
We, the team behind CasinoPop.com, are a group of industry veterans who also happens to be gamblers. For the longest time we believed that there was room in the margin to reward the customers more than the competition does. Instead of whining about it we decided to take out a big bet on it and started CasinoPop.com. A site which in normal gameplay rewards the customers exactly like other sites, but on top of that a piece of the revenue is used to give out real winnings in an exciting way. We developed our own game and called it PopSpin; a game you always win on.

The team consists of people from all branches of the industry, and we also brought in the best people from the finance industry to make sure we could find a sustainable model to maintain a profitable company at the same time as giving the player an additional chance to make some real money.

Our intentions
The gambling industry is a part of the entertainment industry. We want to provide the best chance to make people rich, but make no mistake that this is a true gambling site. In here you can become filthy rich, lose money or anything in between. Play responsibly, sober and with your wits about.

Have fun!


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