Support Open hours:


We offer support via email. Email you can always find at the bottom right hand side when using a computer, and in the left hand menu/Customer Support when using a smart phone.


  1. How do I deposit to CasinoPop? We have placed a deposit button on every page we believe you would need to find one on. If you can't see one you can always click your name in the top right corner and choose "deposit". Select the desired deposit method and step through the instructions. We support many payment methods, for example: VISA, Mastercard, Bank transfer and Paysafecard.

  2. When will I receive my money after a withdrawal has been made? CasinoPop aims to have approved your withdrawal in the 1h-8h range (business hours). This means that if you withdraw one minute after business hours you will have your approval before close of day the day after. After the approval has been made it will take varying different amount of time depending on which method you choose. Sweden and Finland for example have Instant Bank Transfers which means you get the money as soon as it has been approved. Other countries have a waiting period of up to 3 days for bank transfers. Withdrawals to VISA takes 1-3 days after approval. All this is of course as long as you have been approved to withdraw. The approval process is fast as well, but it is an additional waiting period so it is always recommended that you go through that process the first thing you do at CasinoPop so you do not get held up unnecessarily long when you want your money in the future.

  3. And what about the time frame if a request for documents has been made? If for example a large withdrawal has been made, or if you are a resident of specific countries, we have to abide by specific laws which governs the withdrawal process. In practice this means that you will receive an email which lets you know that you have to upload proof that you are who you say you are, and that the method of deposit was non-fraudulent. This process is called the KYC process and if this happens the actual withdraw will not take place (not even start) until our KYC team has approved you. If the document images you upload are sharp enough, high resolution enough, and contains exactly what was requested, then this approval process should take around 24 hours. If some of the documents get rejected, then a new 24 hour waiting period will start as soon as you have upload higher quality imagery.

  4. What is so special about your loyalty system? If you have played at other online casinos before we are going to assume that you know that it can hardly be described as a loyalty system. The actual rewards you got was not worth much and you did not get them often. We aim to change that by using part of our profit to give you real prices in a sense that not many before us has done. We have created a game which we call PopSpin, which is our way of giving back money to our loyal customers in the most exciting way we could think of. This means you could end up winning small. Or huge. And everything in between. But you always win in some way. The possible prices are:

    * Wager-free Freespins
    * Wager-free Mega Freespins; These freespins are worth three times as much as normal freespins
    * PopTickets; these are auto-used in the next raffle draw. Gather as many as you want to increase your chances.
    * Level-up; You will get a new level-up and get a new spin in the PopSpin game
    * Cash; In the PopSpin game you can win different amounts of real cash
    * Jackpot; When you reach level 10 (or above) the jackpot unlocks. Get to the middle to win it!

  5. What bonuses do I get at CasinoPop?
    Besides our welcome bonus we offer other deposit bonuses. We also offer freespins on new games from time to time.
    One big difference with bonuses compared to the rewards you get in the loyalty system is that bonuses have bonus rules that you must follow. Read more about them here.

  6. How do CasinoPop combat bonus abuse and how does it effect me?
    First lets address the elephant in the room. Why do we have bonus weighting? Some games have such high payout that if we give away high bonuses it opens up to bonus abuse. And that is a costly matter for us, and in the end you as a player. So to combat bonus abuse we have chosen to change the amount some games contributes to the wager requirements of a bonus. We want to be super transparent about as much as we can, but the bonus weighting especially as this is something that effects everyone that likes bonuses. We have added a table which shows the bonus weighting in the Bonus Terms subpage. The table shows how big of a percentage the bets on a specific game (or group of games) is counted towards the wagering requirements. In short, if a game has 100% in bonus weighting then the wagering requirements mentioned for the bonus is as is. If the game has 50% in bonus weighting, then you have to wager twice as much until the bonus money is converted to real money.
    We have spent a long time trying to find the balance between limiting abuse as much as possible and still not making it impossible to actually win on a bonus. Our view is that bonuses are mainly important to increase gameplay time, but there must also be a possibility to gain something from a bonus even if it feels hard at times.
    Lastly; because of a specific bonus abuse strategy that some use we have to limit how much you are allowed to wager on a game when you are playing with bonus money. There is no system available that can limit that for you today, which means you have to remember not to wager higher than the allowed amount (mentioned in the Bonus Terms).