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To level up all you need to do is deposit and play. On top of your normal Casino winnings, we reward you with more prizes every time you level up. This is taken from our own profits and put directly in your pockets. See below how your membership status affect your level up.



You begin here. Benefits right from the start.


Level up faster. Nicer prizes.


Level up even faster. Bigger bonuses.


Exclusive for our most loyal gold members.


Your activity on the site during the last 4 weeks determines which membership status you will have.

A full list of how to increase your levels can be found here


Win from every spin - Level up & Win


When you level up we will give you a spin in our unique game popSpin where you will always win!

Below is what you can win from PopSpin:



You can read more about the rules for popSpin here..


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