Aris one in a million

Every once in a while there are those stories that sound too good to be true. If I read this without having actually been here witnessing it, I would simply not believe it. It all started with a deposit of €30...

First of all, let me be clear that I do not recommend anyone to ever try to do what Ari did. It is a big gamble! But the story is to good to not tell. And after calling him up and getting a few words about this amazing night, I could not be happier about who got the money. Ari is a down-to-earth dad living a normal life like most of us. Most the money he won will be going into travel, and paying of his student loan. But enough of that, let me tell you about what he told me.

Aris night started cold. The €30 was down to only €0.20 after half an hour of play, and he decided to not let those 20 euro cents go to waste. Hansel and Gretel got the choice, and it payed out 50 times his bet and now he had €10. Now... here is when it all gets exciting. An idea formed in his head and he was just to curious to let it go. He decided to bet only once in every game, and all his bets should be the amount he had left on his account.
He took his €10 and opened up Jack and the Beanstalk and placed his bet. Ding ding, he got into the bonus feature mode up in the cloud, and now all of the sudden he had just over €100. Strengthened by his strategy, or mad with power, he now opened up Reel Rush. It allowed him to place a €100 bet, and now the sweat was pouring from Aris hands and forehead. He had never bet €100 on a single spin before.
He pressed the button and it was a modest win, but if you are a Reel Rush player you know that if you hit a winning line, the game continues to auto-spin for free until you no longer win on a line. For every auto-spin a couple of boxes as removed from the game board, increasing your chance to win even more. And the game just kept on spinning. And spinning. Ding ding ding. The board was all of the sudden fully opened and Ari now had €15,000 on his account.

Any sane person stops here. I mean, the luck must be spent right? No, Ari would not see it like that. He decided to find one last game which would allow him to bet as close to his full amount that was possible. He choose the Live Casino Roulette Pro. It allowed him to bet €5,000 on black or red and €250 per single number. He choose to put the €5,000 on Black, and €250 on 2, 4, 6, 10 and 11 respectively. He was really sure that black was the winning color.

Yeah I guess you have figured out what happened already. The ball stopped on Black 10, which meant he now had €27,750 on his account.

Ari went from €0.20 to €27,750 in just over 4 minutes. Playing 4 different games. Betting only once in each game. That is what I call an amazing night.

Congrats Ari, you lunatic!