Alex won a years salary the first hour at CasinoPop

All us gamblers have had the same dream. Signing up for a new exciting Casino and then directly hitting the jackpot. But does it really happen? Well yes. Yes it does. Just ask our newest friend Alex.

27th of March is the date Alex will never forget. After hearing about the new loyalty-driven Online Casino so beautifully named CasinoPop (ok, that part was my words, not his...) he signed up at 23:06 to play his favorite classic slot Mega Joker. If you are a Mega Joker fan you know that it is not for the faint of heart with its high volatility (high variance). But the flip-side of that is that when you hit it, you hit it good. And oh my god was it kind to Alex this amazing first day at CasinoPop.

After 15 minutes he was up €1,500 and the midnight sun was shining its widest smile at him. 18 minutes later he was up €4,000 and Alex felt invincible. Then it happened. Mere minutes before the strike of the midnight hour, his €10 bet triggered the Mega Joker jackpot. Can you imagine the pure bliss of seeing the win counter going on a frenzy? It just kept on going and going in a seemingly endless count-up. It didn't stop until it said €35,785.

Can you imagine signing up, and within an hour you had an entire years worth of salary just sitting there on your account?

What would you do with €35,000? I know what I would do, but I am not so sure I can write it down here as it is not something you say out loud. But lets say that the evening would start with copious amounts of some very high class beverages, and music turned up to 11.

Alex, you lucky bastard. I am in awe!

Congrats Alex!