Responsible Gaming

Gambling can be addictive. That is something that we all need to think and be vigilant about. We at CasinoPop want the gambling in our Casino to be a fun experience. Exciting but controlled!There are a few situations were you need to be extra vigilant and that is mainly when you had a streak of bad luck and lost the money you deposited. If you do not realize that losses is a part of gambling and instead tries to compensate that by gambling for more than you can afford to lose, then you can put yourself in a situation were gambling ceases to be fun an exciting and instead becomes a "must". Only gamble with money you can afford to lose. If you do that then you can enjoy the excitement on a whole new level. If you feel that you are on the way to lose control (or already have lost it) then we have developed a feature that can help you limit your gambling at CasinoPop:

Set gaming limits
You can set your own personal gaming limits for your account right here at CasinoPop.

You can control your gambling with these four different limits:

  1. Deposit limit: The amount of money you’ll be able to deposit on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  2. Loss limit: The maximum amount of money you’ll be able to lose on a certain period of time
  3. Session time limit: The time of one session that after you’ll be logged out automatically
  4. Take a break: If you wish to take a break from playing, you can freeze your player’s account for a specified period of time. Freezing options can be found and implemented in your Account options. The minimum period for a break is 24 hours. During this time you won’t receive email from us. If you would like to know more, please contact our support. We’ll do our best to help you!

Reality check
For UK users we have implemented a new tool, a reality check, which is designed to help manage your time spent on the site.

This new feature is designed to allow you to set a frequency at which you will receive a pop-up message informing you how long you have been playing. Further to that, the information displayed will give you a link to access your gaming activity, the option to change the frequency at which you will receive the pop-up and also the option to close the game and exit your session.

Please note that this pop-up may appear slightly delayed if you are playing autoplay spins in Casino. As soon as the autoplay spins have been complete you will receive this pop-up message. Further to the above, please note that this is only applicable in Casino games.

Follow these guidelines

  • Consider gambling as a form of entertainment, not as an investment to make money
  • Avoid trying to recover your losses to ‘win it back’
  • Decide beforehand how much money and time you are willing to spend
  • Only gamble the amount you can afford to lose
  • Play with a licensed operator
  • Keep track of the time and the amount of money you spend gambling
  • Don’t borrow money for gambling purposes
  • Set your gaming limits or take a break from playing if necessary
  • Ask for help

Ask for professional advice and support
There are many independent organizations that can provide you professional help and support. Check out these websites for more information and advice:

We say no to underage gambling!
To register or play at CasinoPop you must be over 18 years old. We perform identity and security checks on a regular basis and may request a proof of age when necessary. Keep your account information safe and away from the access of the underage. That said, if you feel like something’s wrong, these filtering solutions would give you an extra hand.

  • Net Nanny
  • Content Watch
  • Cyber Patrol

Let’s take care of each other
Are you worried about your friend’s or family member’s gambling? If you recognize some of these behaviours listed below in yourself or someone close to you, we recommend getting advice and help from professionals. Please contact our Customer Care crew for more information and advice – we will be here 24/7 to help you. Let’s play responsibly!

Know when to stop
Gambling addiction can have effects on multiple aspects of life, but it's not always easy to notice when things are starting to get a bit too far. These questions can help you to recognize if gambling is starting to take over your life. Do you recognize these warning signs in yourself or someone close to you? The more warning signs you recognize, the greater the chance of a problem.

Personal state of mind

  • Are you constantly thinking and talking about playing?
  • Have you gambled to escape from your problems or worries
  • Are you restless or irritated when you’re trying to limit or quit your gaming?
  • Do arguments, disappointments or frustrations create within you an urge to gamble
  • Have you felt remorse after gambling?
  • Did gambling cause you to have difficulty in sleeping?
  • Have you ever considered self destruction or suicide as a result of your gambling?

Self control

  • After a win did you have a strong urge to return and win more?
  • After losing did you feel you must return and win back previous losses?
  • Have you ever felt an urge to celebrate any good fortune by a few hours of gambling?
  • Do you have to play with larger and larger sums of money in order to attain the desired feeling of excitement?
  • Did you ever gamble longer than you had planned?
  • Have you not been able to resist impulses to gamble?
  • Have you tried and failed many times to control, limit or stop your gaming?

Financial situation

  • Do you often gamble until all of your money is gone?
  • Do you ever gamble to get money with which to pay debts or otherwise solve financial difficulties?
  • Have you ever borrowed money to finance your gambling?
  • Have you ever sold anything to finance gambling
  • Are you reluctant to use "gambling money" for normal expenditures?


  • Have you gotten criticized by others for your gambling?
  • Has gambling ever made your home life unhappy?
  • Have you jeopardized or lost an important personal relationship because of gambling
  • Has gambling affected your reputation?
  • Do you lie to your family and friends to hide the extent of your gaming?
  • Did gambling make you careless of the welfare of yourself or your family?
  • Are you counting on others to arrange money for you to solve a financial crisis which may arise as a result of your gaming?

Living in a society

  • Did you ever lose time from work or school due to gambling?
  • Did gambling cause a decrease in your ambition or efficiency?
  • Have you jeopardized or lost a job position, education or career opportunity because of your gaming?
  • Have you committed, or considered committing, an illegal act or crime in order to finance your gambling?